Monday, November 21, 2016


Welcome back coyote pack! Today I will be blogging about my P.E! In P.E, We do ,Running, Throwing, Jumping, and relay running. Here are some GIFS to show you how to do it.
For running, the teacher tells us were to run, and then they tell us how many laps to do! It is really fun, and its good for your body! Throwing, for throwing, your use your arms and legs. Put on leg in front and one at the back, put your hand in front and in the other hand you have the ball. The hand in front should be pointing were you want the ball to go! Then THROW the ball! Its really fun! Throwing is my favorite! Jumping, for jumping the teachers give you a skipping rope or they just tell you which sort of jump to do. I really love P.E
I hope you enjoy my blog post!
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We even do sports in P.E! Like...
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I really love sports, and P.E! Tell me in the comments what's your favorite sport? I hope you guys enjoyed my blog post! Be fit, stay active, and LOVE P.E!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Welcome back coyote pack! Today I will be blogging about my art! I have tried very hard on my sketching! It took me a while to figure out what I should draw. But know, I think I have done a very good job! I hope you enjoy!

This is my sketching art! I drew this by looking at some stationary around me! I am very proud of this because, I never really sketch at home, and I am happy with my sketching skills.

Writing Essay Compare And Contrast

Welcome back coyote pack! Today I will be blogging about my essay writing. In this writing I am comparing wolves and dogs, showing their similarities and differences!
I hope you enjoy my writing!


At first glance Wolves and Domestic Dogs have a very similar appearance. But in reality both of these unique animals are actually very different from each other. But there are a few similarities. Here are some different things about these amazing animals.

Wolves and domestic dogs both need a lot of exercise. Playful pups get lots of exercise, and have a lot of energy. Domestic dogs are taken for walks, as wolves hunt their prey, exercising as they do it.

Both of them have to eat meat for protein and iron, which is an important part of their diet. With meat being their main food source, they have a strong muscular build.

Wolves howl for lots of reasons.
1: They howl to communicate with other wolves in their territory. They usually howl to let the territory know that there is danger, and to tell them if they are lost.

2: When a wolf is about to attack they howl to let their territory know to get ready to attack.
And guess what?! Dogs actually howl as well! They howl to communicate with their friends. They sometimes even howl when they are scared, when they want their owner, or even sometimes when they want to just sing! But they mostly howl to be annoying, or if they need the loo.

Wolves are very beautiful creatures. They have a very strong build in their body. Their muscles are very powerful, so never approach a wolf or a pack of wolves. Thick fur makes it easier for the wolves to live, hunt, or even when they are walking through snow, to look for food. Their thick fur keeps them warm throughout cold climates and temperatures. There are lots of wolves with different color varieties. Brown wolves, white wolves, black wolves, and grey wolves are all common colour patterns.

Wolves usually hunt in packs. The leader gets to choose what they are about to attack. So that means that the leader gets to decide if they could attack the prey or not. Lonely wolves that are not in a pack, will have to look for dead animals and eat them. But if they are brave enough they would hunt on their own!

Their are lots of different dog types. Dogs can be small, big, strong, or even a medium size! Lots of dog breeds are very beautiful.  The scientific name for dog is
Canis lupus familiari”. It is pretty hard to pronounce it!

Domestic dogs eat meat, dog food, and they eat dog bones.  Dogs rely on their owner to give them their food. If not, some dogs aren't that patient so they get their food on their own.  Vet’s make healthy dog sticks for their jaw and gums. Food for dogs have some special foods in it so it will be healthy for the dog’s jaw, gums, and body.  

Some dogs are used for hunting! Like the doberman, rottweiler, bloodhounds, pit bulls, and lots more. People take dogs into the wild when they go shooting, hunting for rabbits, pigs, deer's, and lots more other wild animals.

Wolves and Domestic Dogs are both very beautiful creatures, and both of them are very strong. They have similarities and differences, in their diet and hunting. Wolves and dogs are both very amazing!

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