Friday, May 29, 2015

Rugby week six

At P.E I used to do basketball, but now I need to play rugby, because I need to practice it for the ripper rugby game. I have no idea how to play Rugby. So far it has been fun working with Mr Moriarty and Mr Cooper. There are high kicks, grubber kick, and low kick. I really like the high kick.
Sometimes when  I kick the ball to hard it goes far away.

I'm not  quiet sure how to do the grubber kick just yet. It needs to go grubbing through the ground and then it bounces up to the person.

Rugby was better than I thought it it would be.
I really like it.

Camp writing Week five

Last week, my room 21a went to  Camp Kaitawa. .There were lots of things to do. I really liked the night walks. Lehi (Georgia's Dad) and Paul (Sophia's Dad) scared everyone. They were pretending to be possums.

 Our last night walk was a bit different. We had to go in our camp groups. My group was SPORTY GIRLS! We had to follow some white arrows. Some of them had a word on it, that made a sentence. The sentence was  "Those who choose to speak ill of Micheal Noonan, will find out that ghosts are actually real. BEWARE TONIGHT!". After that, it said return to camp. Mr Ford was lying down and I thought it was a dead body.

But my most FAVORITE part of camp was... KAYAKING!!! At first I thought the lake was going to be cold but it was perfect. I went kayaking with Jodi, Hannah, and Shakayla. It was so much fun.
Some of my class mates made me put my head in the freezing water.


Friday, May 8, 2015

netball week 2

I play netball. I am in Mrs Loves Team. Parkvale Love. We have a netball game every Saturday.
We first warm up, then we jog, then we do butt kicks, after that we play catch with the ball. Then we need to get ready for the game, we get into our positions. When the whistle blows, our team Rushes over to catch the ball. We throw the ball to our team and take it to our goal. Sometimes we get a shot and sometimes we don't. After the game we shake and with the other team. I am lucky to have an great coach, and a talented team.

Friendly Family Blast week 3

This is a menu to present to my family
 Friendly Family Blast!!!
Welcome to the friendly family blast. A place where you can try new kinds of food. Fish, chicken, Ice cream, drinks, and lots more.
A Restaurant for friends, family, kids, and EVERYONE!!!

junk food
Mothers Salad:
: Green Peas
: Carrots (Boiled?)
: Mash Potato
: Beetroot
: Tomato Soup
: Salad
: Rapp with Lettuce, Ham, Peeled Carrots, and Cheese.
: Cucumber
: Sweet Corn
: Leeks and potato soup

Fathers chicken:
: Juicy Roast Chicken with Spinach
: Lovely Beef
: Sweet meatloaf
: chicken and ham pasta

Sisters Dessert:
:Dreamy Strawberry jelly
: Macaroni and cheese
: Fish ’n’ Chips
: Tako’s
: HamBurger with Fries
: Donuts
: HotDog
: Pasta (spicy?)
: Cheese Balls
: Ice cream
your choice
: Strawberry with chocolate dip
Brother’s soft drinks    and smoothies:
: Coca Cola
: Sprite
: Fanta
: Lime
: Pepse
: Frozen Coca
: Raspberry drink
: Frozen fanta
: Minion cupcake
: monster high
: zombie cupcake
: veggie monster sandwich
: chocolate cake
: banana cake
: ice cream
: chocolate bar