Saturday, August 29, 2015

Parris Goebel Report

Who is she?
Parris goebel is a 22 year old kiwi dancer. The kiwi dancer has been making, video’s of her dancing, and posting them on YouTube which made her famous and get money. She is choreographer of dancing. Parris has her own studio in New Zealand, called THE PALACE!

She even has a dance crew called ReQuest which mostly has women in it. She makes dance crews because, she wants to show women that they can do anything.

In 2010, ReQuest returned and dominated the competition to become the number one Adult crew in the world and be the first crew to win back to back gold medals and in both divisions. ReQuest were the first crew outside North America to make it on MTV Americas Best Dance Crew Season 6.  Parris was a 2008 show cast member in Monsters of Hip Hop and is now a member of the Faculty that teaches all through the USA.

Her Style.
Parris’ choreography style is known as Polyswagg.
Polyswagg is combining sassy dancers fire with aggressive inner strength.
Her style is best described as living and breathing the music.
Her grooves, heavy hits and milky flow are unique and will leave you inspired!

Here’s a picture of her!

By Khushi

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