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Facts about dogs! (Some fun at the end!).

1. Husky's.
Huskies are beautiful dogs. They look like wolves, and have thick, soft coats, that make them infinitely cuddly. They have piercing eyes, and wonderful masks, that give them a roguish and unique look. Huskies can make very good family pets. If properly trained, they can be very good with people, children, and other dogs. Indeed, Huskies are commonly known for their friendliness toward people. Although they may look like fierce wolves, they have the heart of Casanova. Mostly Huskies want to do, is greet everyone and give them licks. However, many people have trouble with this breed, and many Huskies get surrendered every year. 

But here are some annoying things about huskies.
1. They howl when your watching TV.
2. They are very athletic so you will have take them out for a play or a walk, 
E V E R Y  S I N G L E   D A Y! I mean can you believe that!??
3. Sometimes you need to make sure if you are going to have some guests coming over. You need to make sure they like dogs. Or your husky will lick their face the whole time or even sit on their lap, OR make them play with them. 
But if your looking for an athletic dog, These little fur balls might be the best choice! 

2. Pugs.

You need to look after pugs more then any other dogs. Pugs live up to 12 to 15 years if well cared for. Pugs are the most oldest dog breeds in the world. They say
that there's records tracing back in the 700 BCE in china. Pugs were kept and breed for royalty.

Weighing in roughly from 13 to 30 pounds these natural lab dogs are a great fit for a family that lives in a small house. Pugs are VERY loyal and they follow their owner around like a shadow. With their strong build, pugs make perfect playmates for children like you, you, you, and you, and so on.

Pugs have a clown like personality. Their very smart but they are stubborn so you have to be really patient when your training them. Pugs sleep on average for 14 HOURS A DAY!!! They only need modern exercise because they tier easily. So that makes them well suited for apartment living, And also it makes them great companion animals for the elderly. Pugs are very cute and cuddly as well!

Dogs like pugs who have flat faces, are called Brachycephalic, that means their mussels or noses are squashed in, and that makes it harder for them to breath. Since pugs already have a hard time breathing as it is, do not expose them to smoke. Pugs are very vocal breeds, and their short mushed faces resolved in some hilarious sounds. Did you know that a group of pugs is called a..... GRUMBLE! Some pugs can recognize images and videos on the TV, or computer! Many dogs can't. Pugs get VERY VERY VERY tired if you go on long walks, so you might have to CARRY them back home! LOL!

3. The Collie.
  • Along with a great personality, Collies are also extremely good-looking which makes the breed quite popular.
  • There are a number of different types of Collies including Smooth Collies, Rough Collies, Bearded Collies, Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs (originally known as the Shetland Collie).
  • An interesting fact about Collies is that they originated in Scotland approximately three hundred and fifty years ago.  Back then they were mostly used for herding animals.  Today they are still used by some farmers for herding as well as being beloved household pets.
  • We know that Collies make great herding dogs.  However, along with this they are also sometimes used as tracking and search and rescue dogs.
  • A great fact about Collies is that they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds.  This makes them a lot easier to train.
  • Collies love attention from their owners and love being around people.  Therefore, before you add a Collie to your family, you firstly need to make sure you will have enough time to spend with them.
  • Another great fact about Collies is that they have plenty of energy!  Therefore, they need to be exercised daily.  Also, because of this boundless energy Collies don’t do well living in apartments.  They a really need a home with a big backyard so they can run around.
  • One of the fun facts about Collies is that because of their boundless energy, they do really well in agility competitions.             Theses are very beautiful.
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4. Shih Tzu
If you're looking for a small dog that doesn't yap much, the Shih Tzu could fill the bill. This ancient breed from China were once the pets of emperors and empresses, but today they're perfectly happy in an apartment or suburban home, as long as you're there.


By the age of one year, the Shih Tzu attains his full growth. According to the American Kennel Club, the height at the withers ideally ranges between 9 to 10.5 inches, but over 8 inches and less than 11 inches is acceptable. Grown dogs weigh between 9 to 16 pounds, with males larger than females.


Shih Tzus are famous for their luxurious coats. On the flip side, don't get a Shih Tzu if you don't like grooming or bathing your dog or taking him for grooming. It's part of the deal with this breed. He requires regular, possibly daily brushing to keep his coat free from mats, and frequent bathing. Perhaps the most difficult stage occurs when the puppy coat changes into an adult coat, at about 10 months to a year. At this stage, you must brush his coat thoroughly every day, as it mats easily during the transition.


The AKC states that the earliest evidence of the Shih Tzu is from 624 CE. Shih Tzu means "lion" in Chinese, and the breed is still known as the lion dog. They were favorite pets of the Ming Dynasty, but after China's communist revolution breeding virtually ceased. Your Shih Tzu descends from one of 14 dogs imported to England, where a breeding program began in the 1930s. The Shih Tzu came to the United States after World War II, brought home by returning soldiers.
While an overall healthy breed, Shih Tzus are subject to some hereditary ailments. As with many small dogs, dental problems may arise, as it's hard for the mature canine's 42 teeth to fit properly in such a little mouth. Luxating patellas—unstable kneecaps—often occur and may require surgery in serious cases. Shih Tzus are prone to entropion, an eye condition in which eyelids roll inward, possibly causing corneal ulcers and blindness. Among the most serious diseases affecting the breed is renal dysplasia, in which the kidneys don't develop properly. Healthy Shih Tzus can live 15 years or more. He can serve as your best friend for a long time.


The Shih Tzu was not bred to hunt, guard, herd or kill rodents. This aristocratic little dog descends from a long line of companion canines. That means his primary interest in life, other than eating, is being with you. Shih Tzus generally possess good temperaments, getting along well with other members of the family and other pets. Because they are small, they do best with older children, as younger kids may play too rough with them. Unlike some other small breeds, Shih Tzus aren't usually high-strung or nervous.
And they are ADORABLE!!!

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5. Beagle.
  • Origin. The modern day beagle originates from England but the first ancestors of the breed can be traced to ancient Greece.
  • Popularity. More popular in the states and Canada than in its country of origin, the beagle is well-liked for its pleasant personality, good looks and suitability as a family dog and hunter.
  • Size. Beagles are small to medium size dogs. Males reach a height of around 14 – 16 inches, whilst females can be 13 – 15 inches high.
  • Build. The beagle is a muscular, athletic dog that requires a lot of exercise to keep in shape.
  • Looks. With long floppy ears and a smooth coat, the beagle is a handsome dog.
  • Color. They come in a variety of colors ranging from black, white, tan, red, lemon and blue mottle. The tricolored variety is the most common.
  • Temperament. Beagles have been described as even tempered, neither aggressive nor overly timid, friendly, loyal, sociable, curious, cheerful and somewhat stubborn. They are good with children because they are gentle and playful, whilst being sturdy and protective too.
  • Abilities. Originally bred to hunt for hare, fish and game birds, the beagle has an acute sense of smell. They are strong, athletic and have plenty of stamina.

Fun Facts about Beagles

The Beagle is an interesting dog with a fascinating past.
  • Snoopy. The beloved Snoopy dog in the cartoon Peanuts is the most famous beagle.
  • White tipped tail. The tip of a beagle’s tail must be white or he is not considered a true beagle. The white tip or flag has been selectively bred into the dog to make the beagle visible when his nose is to the ground. His tail sticks straight up when he is actively following a scent.
  • Super smellers. One of the most interesting facts about beagles is that they have some 220 million scent receptors. Man has an average of 5 million.
  • They follow their nose. Beagles are wanderers by nature because of their highly developed sense of smell.
  • They change colors. Tri colored beagles are almost always born black and white and change color after a few months to a couple of years. Some lose their black coloring altogether.
  • They like to be in a pack. Beagles are happiest when they can be with other dogs.
  • Celtic for small. It is thought that the name beagle originated from the Celtic word ‘beag’, meaning small.
  • Pocket beagles. They used to be small enough to fit in a pocket or saddlebag.
  • Will do anything for food. Beagles love their food and are very protective about it.
  • Royal dog. Queen Elizabeth 1 and King James 1 loved beagles.
  • Star quality. Beagles have featured in literature like Shakespeare’s works, famous paintings, comic strips, cartoons and films.


Don't mess with the German Shepherd!


   Image result for Cute bulldog puppy     TO
Image result for bulldogs         Image result for bulldogs

SILENT BUT DEADLY!    Don't fall for the                                               cuteness! 
"HEY GUY'S"!  you think i'm pooping? NO! I'm just going
for a nice walk and........ PLOP!

 They can't take it seriously all the time!

"dude i'm serious"!

Image result for dogs smiling when they pooped
"I get it"! I'm not laughing'! "PFFFFFT.....

Image result for annoyed  dogs

Keep an I on your Dog!

Image result for annoyed dogs

"Hey guy's"! whats up! I'm just taking my pizza and... umm..... OH DEAR"!