Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey guys to day I will be blogging about my young leader badge!! Hope you enjoy!!

As Mr Giffkins reads the first name of the envelope, to pronounce the young leaders badge, I start to shake!! Please be me!!! I say to myself! "And the this young leader badge goes to......."! He continues! "ISSSSSSSSSSSSS............ "ME ME ME ME ME"! I say to myself.
"KHUSHI'!!!! "YESSSSS"!!! I shout! Well I only said it to myself, so no one heard it but me.
:P. I jump up and shake hands with Mr G. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! I was SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! All my friends were giving me High fives. I was even more happy, when some of my friends got young leader badges too!


I hope you guys liked my blog post! I'll see you next time!


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pic Collage Fun!

Hey Guys! Today I will be blogging about my pic collage on my computer.
Hope you enjoy!!

:)  XD 

On my computer I have pic collage, and I make HEAPS of photos.
Image result for pic collage party with your photos
You can do lots of things on Pic Collage.
Here are some of my photo's I made. One of them is really silly. LOL!

This one is a photo of me running in water on my adventure!!!!!!!!!

The one with the blue tail is my youngest sister. The one with the pink tail is my 5 year old sister.
And the one in the middle is me! LOL
I hope you can read the words. I think they might be a bit to small. Sorry about that. 

Me and my imaginary friend falling from a blossom tree!! LOL!

Bet you can't guess which is the silly one.
If you think you know it, tell me in the comment section below.
I will reply to you if you get it right!!

You can even get Pic Collage on your IPad.

I hope you like my blog post!!

See you next time!!